Top 3 Morning Rituals To Have A Productive Day

written by   Nwando Eze   |   Productivity
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Our most important resource is our time. A close second is our energy.
My physical and mental energy is high when I wake up. And slowly diminishes as my day progresses. For these reasons having morning rituals to help start my day ensures I’m using my time and energy wisely.
Here are some helpful rituals.

1) Practice meditation:

Starting a meditation ritual was hard for me because my mind constantly leaps from one thought to another. And during the day there are distractions, or we create them, everywhere.
Evenings when falling asleep or early mornings are the best time to practice meditation.
You’ll be lying down comfortably, there are less distractions, your eyes are closed, it is dark, you can relax your body more easily, and you have only your thoughts to haggle with. You can start practicing by taking 5 belly breaths with 5 second inhalation and 5 second exhalation.
Do this first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. You’ll be surprised how this simple practice will center your day.

2) Do the hardest or most important thing first:

If you hate working out, schedule your workouts early in the morning. If you find it challenging to write but must, schedule your writing time at the start of the day. If you have a side hustle, work on this early in the morning before you go to your standard job.
For me, my hardest thing is working out and my most important thing is writing. I’ve learned to prioritize both first thing in the morning.
Early mornings are typically when you’ll have the most energy in the day. If you are a night owl and rest most of the day, do the most important and hard thing when you wake up and are refreshed.
You’ll have your highest productivity when you are physically and mentally refreshed. And you’ll enjoy the luxury of being able to check that hardest, most important thing off your list before the day even starts.
Once you have woken up, RESIST the temptation to engage in unproductive activities. Mine are checking email, scrolling news or social media while lying in bed. I get it. These naturally call to you first thing in the morning. But if you do this you are spending your most precious time, and energy, on the least productive activities.
Morning energy is precious energy.

3) Get an early start:

At least for most days of the week. Since morning energy is precious energy, we should strive to take advantage. As a busy parent and working professional, I must start my day early, before the kids wake up and everything else starts vying for my attention. In the early morning, the house is quiet, and I can focus.
Some folks are just not morning people. I get it. Perhaps, you can start by committing to waking up early 1 day a week and slowly working up from there. Have whatever perks you up ready. E.g. a mug of green tea with milk gets me up on those cold, winter mornings. Be kind to yourself. When I’ve had a rough night or on the weekends, I do try to sleep in. Remember, this is a practice, a system you are building not an end point. Aiming to take advantage of most mornings is what matters.

Triple C Pearls

3 morning rituals to have a productive day are,
1) Practice meditation
2) Do the hardest or most important thing first
3) Get an early start
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